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Shot Spot

Success in level funding

Working with their adviser at InoVentive Solutions, Shot Spot, LLC implemented an innovative benefit strategy that resulted in a refund of $6,572.57 from unused claims fund. Saving on the annual premium has allowed Shot Spot, LLC to invest more funds to support its active employees and invest in other programs.

We are so thankful to have a Consultant who shares the same incentives as our business. We are happy with our results and will never go back to the old way of purchasing benefits!

Haralson County BOC

Massive Savings

Haralson County BOC came to Inoventive in search of better healthcare plan options. We worked together and crafted a self funded plan unique to their needs, resulting in massive savings that were reinvested back where it belongs in beautiful Haralson County.

RBG Foods, Inc.

Employee Buy-in

RBG was in the situation as every other business in America, looking at healthcare as a liability instead of an investment. Receiving rate increase after rate increase, RBG Foods decided on a different route. InoVentive Solutions implemented a level-funded plan along with cost containment strategies to control and mitigate claim cost. Employee education was a major component in plan success.

We were so excited to receive money
back from an insurance carrier!
Holly Green
HR, RBG Foods, Inc.

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