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Marcy Heath

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Founder of Inoventive Benefits Consulting

Marcy is a nationally recognized leader in the healthcare space for the progress she has made with helping employers get tangible ROI from their employee benefits spend. Armed with an in-depth understanding of the intricacies of healthcare finance, Marcy enables businesses to grow their bottom line while empowering their workforce to achieve better health outcomes for less out-of-pocket.

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Leading the push toward sustainable healthcare


Marcy Heath literally wrote the book on the Next Generation of Healthcare and the benefits advice you need to achieve successful bottom line results while containing cost, improving benefits and reducing turnover.

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What Marcy’s clients are saying
My experience with Inoventive Solutions has been exceptional. When I make a call to Inoventive, I’m not treated like a client but rather as family. Stellar quality healthcare for a way more affordable price plus access to the Marcy and her team has helped us dramatically.
Melanie Eidson
For us, while we appreciate the “Insurance World” as much needed protection, it can be both time consuming and confusing. That’s why we love working with Marcy. Her expertise in such a changing market is spot on. As importantly, she presents it to us in an efficient and easy to understand manner. This personal care translates to trust and peace of mind knowing she’s got our backs.
Robin & Amy Worley
Marcy and the Inoventive crew are always quick to respond and solve any issues we may have. Great customer service, affordable insurance, and quick response time are just a few characteristics that define this awesome company!
Joseph Cramer

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