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how employers can actually benefit from health care costs


Most employers might not know this.

But whatever industry you’re in, as long as you provide health care benefits to your employees, you become part of the health care industry itself. And we all know that providing health care benefits to your employees is not free.

There is a better way. 

With more than 20 years of experience working in health care, InoVentive CEO, Marcy Heath, sits down for an interview with Jim Fitzpatrick from Atlanta Small Business Network. 

In this interview, she talks about  why employers should rethink health care and save costs without sacrificing the benefits of the employees.

WatcH thefull Video

Duration: 20 minutes

Watch the Video and Learn 3 Key Insights:

  1. Why employers should rethink how the health care industry works 
  2. The myths of health care
  3. How employers can provide quality health care to employees at the lowest cost possible